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What's in your Tap? Citizen Science at Shaw U

Join an investigation of safe drinking water.

Crowd The Tap Diagram

We are pleased to announce that Shaw University students are participating in a pilot project with Partners in Health and Wholeness (North Carolina Council of Churches) and the North Carolina State University’s Citizen Science Program and online line citizen science hub that is “intentionally centered around environment, faith and health.” The students participating in the project are in the first cohort of Shaw University’s inaugural Citizen Science Internship Program. The Shaw students are: Zariah Ingram, Sophomore – major-Biology/Minor – African American Studies; Chetna Kumari, Junior – double major in Biology and Psychology; and Aakarshit Mahajan – Senior, major in Business Administration and Management. While the over all pilot project includes citizen science projects such as: inaturalist and Flu Near You, our Shaw students will be focusing Crowd the Tap (participants get their water tested for lead).

Join Shaw students: Zariah Ingram, Chetna Kumari, and Aakarshit Mahajan in a project that helps residents know if they have lead in their pipes.
This project is a partnership between NC State and the NC Council of Churches.

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To learn more about what is happening at Shaw U contact: Dean Valerie Ann Johnson -