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Official registration is required for each semester and summer session. Students must be officially registered in order to receive credit for a course(s). Therefore, the student must complete registration procedures, including satisfactory arrangement of payment for fees by cash, financial aid, or other means in accordance with University policy and procedures. To register, add or drop a course, review the  step-by-step registration instructions then login to  Bearsnet online registration portal.

Student Status

For the purpose of defining student status, undergraduates taking 12 or more credit hours are considered to be full-time students. All other undergraduates are considered to be part-time. Graduate students must take 9 hours a semester to be considered full time.

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Charee Ellison

Renee Drummond, MACE
Associate Registrar & Veterans Affairs Certified Agent

Princeanna Brooks. MSW
Records Specialist-Transfer Credits Coordinator