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Shaw University Intramural Sports Program


Shaw University Intramural Sports program offers a variety of competitive and non-competitive activities for students, faculty, staff and university community. This program provides the university community the opportunity to participate in organized individual and team sports.  The activities do not require the intense training and high degree of skill associated with varsity athletics. Therefore individual playing ability is not considered as important. Our goal is to provide an enhancement of professionally administered activities and services designed to improve student life and development in which the entire university community can develop leadership, social and personal skills they will need throughout and beyond their years.

The mission of Intramural Sports is to: 

  • Provide the campus community with the opportunity to participate in a variety of intramural sports and recreational activities.
  • Provide a clean and safe atmosphere to participate in intramural sports and recreational activities.
  • Provide structured and organized programs that promote basic human needs such as: socialization, relaxation, character growth, maintenance of physical fitness and most importantly, having fun.
  • Provide the university community with friendly non-antagonistic environment with friendly competition.