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Problem Gambling Outreach

Shaw University was first awarded a mini-grant from the North Carolina Department of Health & Human Services for Problem Gambling Outreach, Prevention and Awareness in the fall of 2012. The goals of this project are to raise awareness of problem gambling on our campus, increase screening for problem gambling, and collect data about the prevalence of problem gambling behaviors among students. Based on feedback from our students, increased awareness has made a tremendous difference in their decisions and behaviors. Throughout the span of the grant, the counseling center will continue to meet goals, activities and accomplish proposed programs and activities outlined in the mini grant proposal.

For more information, contact the NC Problem Gambling Helpline at 877.718.5543 or visit their website at

Shaw University Gambling Policy

The Shaw University Counseling Center has developed a gambling policy to be included in the student handbook. The University expects students and student organizations to abide by federal and state laws prohibiting illegal gambling.  

Gambling shall mean any illegal game or contest played for money or for any form of property or item of value. Gambling includes, but is not limited to, games played with cards, dice, or other gambling devices which involve betting and/or wagering.

Shaw University's code of conduct list’s gambling as a disciplinary offense.  Participation in any gambling-related activities on campus or on University –controlled property that have not been approved and or administered in accordance with the laws and regulations of the State of North Carolina.