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Identifying a Campus Campus Campus Security Authority (CSA)  

You are a CSA if your job title falls into one of these areas:

  • Resident Managers who oversee student housing, a student center or student extracurricular activities
  • Academic leaders who are involved in student activities
  • Student services and residential life officials
  • Clubs, organizations and society’s staff
  • Athletic administrators, including directors, assistant directors, coaches, assistant coaches and trainers
  • Student activities coordinators and staff
  • Faculty and staff advisors to student organizations
  • Academic advisors
  • Coordinator of Greek affairs
  • Title IX coordinator who work directly with students
  • Staff in the counseling center who work directly with students
  • Victim advocates or others, who are responsible for providing victims with advocacy services, such as assisting with housing relocation, disciplinary action or court cases, etc.
  • Officers from local law enforcement who are identified in our Mutual aid agreement by the institution to provide campus safety-related services
  • Clery compliance officer and trainer
  • Shaw University Campus police and security who work directly with students