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Residence Halls

The residence halls at Shaw University are designed to support, enhance, complement, and expand the college experience by providing a living environment that is conducive to learning. Currently there are two male and two female residence halls.  Each residence hall has a staff that is committed to helping you adjust to community style living.  Residence hall staff consists of a residence manager, residence coordinators, and resident advisors.

As a member of the residence hall community, you have the responsibility of working with your neighbors to help maintain a peaceful, safe, and comfortable environment that supports the pursuit of academics.

Fleming Kee Living and Learning Center, Men 
919-546-8212 or 919-546-8213

Dimple Newsome Living and Learning Center, Women 
919-546-8219 or 919-546-8310

Talbert O. Shaw Men’s Living and Learning Center
919-546-8509 or 919-719-2280

Talbert O. Shaw Women’s Living and Learning Center
919-546-8515 or 919-546-8513

Virtual Tours of the Living and Learning Centers

To view all Residence Hall Tours, click the playlist button (1/7), in the player below.