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Faculty and Staff Email Access

Please use the following link to access your email from home or any location off-campus.

Microsoft Exchange Webmail Link:

  • Input you email address in the box labeled "Domain\username" for example 
  • Input your password in the box labeled "Password" for example 123abc 

 If more assistance is needed, call the Help Desk support line at 919-546-8587.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. My password has expired, what do I do?
    Answer: Please follow the outlined instructions
  2. I am locked out of my account, what do I do?
    Answer: You might have made too many attempts to change your password. You will need to wait 30 minutes before the system will reset the clock.
  3. Does it matter where I am when changing password, i.e. on-campus or off-campus. 
    Answer: No, as long as you visit and follow the outlined instructions; it will not matter whether you are on campus or not.
  4. My smartphone is now saying that it cannot connect to my email?
    Answer: Once you create a new password using the outlined instructions, please make a note of the new password and enter it in your smartphone (iPhone or Android) email account settings.
  5. Will the new password only affect my email account or something else?
    Answer: When you change your password, this will be the new password for BOTH your email account as well as your computer login. Please make sure not to forget.