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  • Career Counseling and Coaching Appointments
  • Career Exploration & Assessments
      VitaNavis® uses the SuperStrong® interest assessment to find educational and career pathways for you. For each pathway, we link your interests to careers, salaries, job outlooks, skills, and the education you'll need to meet your goals. In the next 5-10 minutes you can be planning the next steps in your life.

      Are you ready to start your journey?
      Code: Shaw-explore

      SuperStrong Video (

    • Reality Check ( )
    • Work Values Sorter (
    • Career Cluster Match

  • Interviewing
    • Prepare for interviews anytime. Conduct recorded mock interviews and receive feedback and tips to build your interviewing skills.
    • Mock Interview Event  
  • Career Action Plan(s)
    Creating an action plan helps students at Shaw map out items and steps needed to achieve their goals and commit to participating in the planned activities.
    • Freshman
    • Sophomore
    • Junior
    • Senior
  • Graduation Clearance Requirements
    PURPOSE: To ensure students are able to responsibly manage career paths and fulfillment in experiential learning.
    • Before May 1: Approved Resumé
    • Mock Interview
    • Attendance at two (2) professional development workshops or webinars
    • What to know before you go

All of these items will be confirmed and organized using Handshake (

ELCD Graduation Clearance Guide

Contact the ELCD center staff if you have questions or concerns,