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Divinity School Frequently Asked Questions 

Question Answer
01. What is the tuition to attend the School of Divinity at Shaw University?

The Annual Tuition for the School of Divinity is $13,188.00 for a full time enrolled student.

02. What is the denominational affiliation of Shaw University Divinity School?

Shaw University Divinity School has a historic affiliation with the General Baptist State Convention of North Carolina.  While the Divinity School is affiliated with the Baptist tradition, we celebrate and embrace a multitude of Christian and religious traditions and denominations, including AME, AMEZ, COGIC, Non-denominational, Seventh Day Adventist, and many others..

03. What degrees are offered at Shaw University Divinity School? Shaw University offers the Master of Divinity and the Master of Arts in Christian Education Degrees, both fully accredited by the Association of Theological Schools and the Southern Association of Colleges and Universities.
 04. Are financial aid and scholarships available?Yes. Financial aid is available through a number of sources, including the Federal Loan program, United Negro College Fund, American Baptist Churches USA, and the General Baptist State Convention. Students fund their theological education from a host of different sources, including payment plans, congregational support and other scholarships.
  05. Do you offer online courses? Yes. Shaw University Divinity School offers regular online courses each semester. A student can earn the vast majority of requirements for the degree through online courses.
06. When are your classes offered?

Courses are offered during evening weekdays, Saturdays, and online. We also offer hybrid courses, which is a combination of face-to-face and online engagement.

 07. What career paths or professions are available to Divinity School graduates? Often, graduates of the School of Divinity lead exciting careers in Church ministry, counseling, or chaplaincy.  Students go on to serve as pastors, counselors, hospital or prison chaplaincy, or leaders in the non-profit sectors as well. 
 08. How can I become a student and enroll at Shaw University Divinity School? It’s easy to become a student at Shaw University Divinity School!  Go to and complete an application. 
 09. How long does it take to complete a degree? The Master of Divinity is a three year degree that will normally take a student at least three years to complete as a full time enrolled student. The Master of Arts in Christian Education is a two-year degree program at the full time pace. Most students complete their degrees within three to four years in the program.
 10. How many students are in the program? Shaw University Divinity School currently has a full time enrollment of nearly 100 students, from a variety of different denominational affiliations and traditions, from all across the state of North Carolina and nationally.