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2023 -  2024  ACADEMIC YEAR

College Green Payment Plan: 

The Perfect Answer to Your Payment Concerns. The Perfect Fit For Your Finance.
Affordable Payment Plans. Designed to fit your Budget!

Most students rely on Federal aid to fund their college cost; Most students are fortunate enough to receive ample funding through Grants, Loans and Scholarships funds. However, there are numerous students who unfortunately do not qualify for sufficient funds to cover the total cost of tuition and fees.  To assist these underfunded students, the Shaw University has partnered with Herring Bank to offer students the opportunity to enroll in a College Green Payment Plan, an affordable Payment Plan designed to fit individual budgets.  

What Does This Mean for Students?

Students are able to select a payment plan according to their individual budget:

Enrolling in a College Green Payment Plan gives students the flexibility to choose frequency of payments that are the best fit their financial position. The options will include weekly, biweekly, or monthly.  

Convenient Payment Methods:

College Green Payment Plan provides an online payment system that allows students to make secure payments 24/7 using their debit/credit, or Bank account

Low-cost Payment Plan Fees:

College Green Payment Plan is designed to offer students the following low Payment Plan fees:

  • $0 per plan enrollment (that's right, enrollment fee has been waived!)
  • $30 returned payment fee
  • $5 payment method change fee

Easy Online Enrollment

  • Go to
  • Go to Bearsnet and log in (key ID number and Password)
  • Select Students at the top of screen
  • Scroll down to Herring Banks Account Information
  • Click to produce a term specific bill and select term
  • Click on Payment Plan button
  • Click to be redirected to College Green

Overall Benefits

  • Quick, Easy and Convenient Enrollment
  • Multiple Payment Options
  • Secure Online Payments
  • Flexible payment dates
  • Weekly, biweekly and monthly options
  • Pay with any debit/credit card, or Bank account

Frequently Asked Questions

College Green Payment System is a product of Financial Payments. Offered through Shaw University, the College Green Payment Service is a system designed to allow students, parents, or anyone to make electronic payments towards college tuition and fees through a safe and secure online process.

Question Answer
Will I pay interest for participating in a payment plan?

No, it is an interest free installment plan offered to you by Shaw University.

What are the fees for using a payment plan?

There is a nonrefundable enrollment fee for participating in a payment plan. Other fees that may be applicable are payments that are returned due to insufficient funds.

When I choose my plan, where does the “amount you owe” come from?

The amount you owe is the amount provided from your Student Accounts record with Shaw University. If you have added or dropped a class recently, this would affect the balance due. Please feel free to check with the Student Accounts office if you feel the balance due on your student record is not correct.

  Can I adjust the amount I owe when choosing a payment plan?

Yes, you have the option to revise the amount you owe. However, you are responsible for making sure your student account balance is paid according to Shaw University guidelines. When you are allowed to defer payments, the university will often have specific guidelines that you must meet in order to pay your account balance in full. Ex: 50% prior to the first day of class and 100% by the end of the semester.

  How do I accept the Agreements associated with a payment plan?

You must scroll down to the bottom of the agreements to accept them and proceed to the next step. You can download the Agreements if you choose to do so by selecting “Download” in the top of the agreement documents. In addition, the agreements will be emailed to you. Agreements can also be viewed by accessing your user profile in the College Green payment plan website.

  Why do I have to create a username and password?

This creates a user profile with College Green and allows you to access your account at your convenience without going through Shaw’s student portal. We recommend you bookmark College Green’s web address during enrollment so you can use their secure login process to access your account.

What happens if my card declines?

Your payment will not be processed. The card that is used for making payments must have the same billing information that you entered into College Green’s online payment system. This includes the billing zip code.

If the declined payment is for a regularly scheduled payment, College Green will attempt to collect the payment again in 5 business days.

If the decline is due to insufficient funds for the enrollment fee, you will need to choose a different credit/debit card with sufficient funds available on your card.

  What happens if I drop or add a class?

This will affect the amount owed to Shaw University. Other events that can change the amount you owe include room and board (Commuter vs. Resident) charges or adjustments. The balance due in your student record is updated by the Student Accounts office. Should you have any questions regarding the amount owed or your charges, you should contact Student Accounts directly. If the amount you owe changes after you have enrolled in a payment plan, you would need to access your College Green payment plan and accept the new payment amount and updated disclosures.

  Why do I have to input my email address?
You can choose the email address that you prefer to receive communications. College Green will use this for payment confirmations and payment reminders.
  Will I receive a receipt for the payment?

Yes. You will receive an email conformation from College Green as soon as your payment has been processed.

  How long will it take for my payment to post to my student account with Shaw?

Your payment will be applied to your student account on the day of the scheduled payment. If your payment is declined by your Credit Card Company or Financial Institution at a later time, your balance will be revised.

  How do I cancel a payment plan if I no longer need it?

After you login to your account you would select “Payment Plans” from the toolbar. Select “More Details” for the plan you want to cancel. Use caution before proceeding if you have more than one active payment plan. Select “Cancel Plan” once plan details have displayed. Please note that cancelling your plan does not release you from your financial obligation to Shaw University.

  Who Should I contact if I have questions?

For students/customers – If you have any questions or problems regarding your payment transactions or the balance owed to the school, please contact the Student Accounts office at Shaw University at (919) 546-8228 or email

If you have any questions regarding the status of a payment plan payment and balance due, please contact College Green at (844) 743-5229 or email