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Academic Success Courses

OAS 103: Strategies for Academic Success

The Strategies for Academic Success course is for continuing and readmitted students on academic probation to address previously employed learning skills and methods to evaluate your effectiveness.  Students are provided with personal and academic success opportunities through proven strategies. This course may not be repeated and is non-degree applicable. (2 Credit Hours) 

Some of the tools that are provided:

  • Various assessment tools are employed to identify and evaluate student preparation and attitude for a successful college experience.
  • Positive growth and self-motivation strategies are explored, with a special focus on developing an educational plan and life goals.
  • Explore new and improved methods of study, time management, and the utilization of college support programs.

OAS 201: Leadership Strategies and Skills for Professional Development

Through a series of lectures, guided interaction, and group exercises, students are prepared for their transition from college. Students who seek to attend graduate school or a career enhance their professional development and leadership skills necessary to be successful. This course is an interdisciplinary team approach to empowering students academically, civically, and professionally through leadership training development, skills enrichment, networking, and collaboration.  

This classroom setting will serve as an arena for:

  • the exchange of information, activities and exercises relative to academic readiness self‐exploration
  • character building
  • communication,
  • organizational development
  • leadership styles and practices
  • networking/coalition building
  • collaborative leadership/organizational activities,
  • understanding of the key dimensions of leadership in diverse cultures and contexts, and theories.  

This course is for students of all disciplines currently holding or has an interest in university student leadership positions. ( 1 credit hour)