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Academic Academic Recovery Plan

Any Student that is placed on an Academic Recovery Plan is required to participate in academic support programs such as weekly check-ins with the Office of Academic Success, Student Success Center and to seek advisement from their academic major advisor. 

All academic probationary students’ academic progress and participation will be documented and shared with the SAP Academic Standards Committee throughout and at the end of the semester until the student has achieved an institutional 2.0 grade point average. The probationary student is required to review and sign the contractual agreement and the hold will be removed by the Office of Academic Success.

Academic Recovery Plan consist of the following information:

  • Student ID Number
  • Contact information
  • Revised Schedule with Repeated Courses
  • Meet with Major Advisor or the Office of Academic Success
  • Factors contributed to the student academic difficulties
  • Seek assistance in the following area (s)
  • Signed agreement by the student and the advisor

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Weekly Check-In Notice

The Office of Academic Success sends out a notice to those students who are not completing his/her Weekly Check In and/or one or more unsatisfactory grade on their mid-term.  

The Academic Recovery Plan is a signed contract consenting to your probation requirements as well as any consequences of not fulfilling requirements. By signing your contract, you agree to complete knowledge of receipt of information regarding the aforementioned academic requirements while on probation.

End of the Semester Transcript Review

The Office of Academic Success reviews the student’s progress at the end of the semester to determine if the student has made progress under the plan. The Academic Standards Committee with recommendation from the Office of Academic Success will give the student an additional semester of probation, and the student will not be placed on academic dismissal even if he/she fails to meet the Satisfactory Academic Progress standard.                              

The Office of Academic Success provides the essential departments via email of the SAP Academic Standards Committee decision of those students’ progress at the end of the semester.  

The following information is provided:

  • ID Number
  • First and Last Name
  • Decision Date
  • Disposition
  • GPA/Total Semester (s)
  • Attempted Career Hours
  • Major of Raleigh Day or Cape Student

The following information is reviewed (Academic Progression):

  • Review prior semester cumulative grade point average (GPA)
  • Number of semester (s)
  • Cumulative Credit hours attempted, earned hours and career grade point average (GPA)