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Shaw U and California Community, Tech Colleges ink partnership agreement

Students from California's community colleges will now have a chance to continue their undergraduate careers in one of the nation's fastest-growing metropolitan areas, thanks to a new transfer agreement between the state's two-year and technical college system and Shaw University.

Learners from the state's 113 colleges who complete certain course requirements will gain admission into Shaw baccalaureate degree programs, and the university will offer prospective and confirmed students counseling to aid in transition and planning for academic and career options.

Shaw officials called the new partnership a necessary step in broadening access for the nation's underserved student populations and the university's identity as a workforce development resource. "The California Community College System is a national leader in identifying the seamless pathways between education and industry," said Shaw President Tashni-Ann Dubroy. "Shaw is proud to be the newest member of a national coalition of institutions, seeking to expand access and opportunity to bright and capable students nationwide," said Dubroy.

Shaw joins 21 other historically black colleges and universities throughout the United States that are partnering with the California Community College system. California transfer students will be cleared for enrollment beginning this fall.