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Student Insurance Plan

Spring 2017 Insurance Waiver Request Notification (Spring Admits Only)

All full-time Raleigh Day students are required to have health insurance as a condition of enrollment. The student cost for this coverage is $820 per semester.   Participation in the University Plan is required unless a waiver identifying primary health coverage is completed and submitted for approval by EIIA, University insurance agent.

The waiver must be completed on line at .

For specific questions pertaining to the insurance plan or waiver request, please visit the listed above or contact EIIA at 1-888-255-4029.  You may also submit a question by clicking the “Contact Us” tab or the “Help” button on the homepage of the website.

The online site for insurance waiver request will open December 15, 2016 and will close January 25, 2017.  

Please Note: The University does not provide or approve insurance waivers; if the request and proof of insurance is not submitted by January 25, 2017 the request for a waiver will not be accepted and your enrollment in the University insurance plan will remain active.